"Our 25 racing clubs are spread across the state and are a vital part of the social fabric of many regional and country communities. We are pleased that we're able to offer an increase in grants funding which can be used by clubs for essential projects including training infrastructure, maintenance equipment and renovations to club buildings and other racegoer facilities."

Racing Rewards SA programme has also increased the amount of money for this season

For 2023–2024, more money has also been granted to the Racing Rewards SA programme, with the limit rising to $2.8m from $2.5m awarded last season.

The system honours horses bred in South Africa and owned in South Africa by giving bonuses above and beyond the race purses, with the extra money going to breeders, nominaters, owners, trainers, and riders.

"The Racing Rewards bonuses on offer in South Australia are a factor in ensuring SA is an attractive place to own and train horses thus helping us maintain and grow our field sizes," Rorrison said.

A three-year-old agreement with the South Australian Jockeys' Association was formalised by Racing SA's announcement on Tuesday of an increase in riding fees.

From $215 to $230 (excluding GST) each ride this season, jockeys' pay will rise to $237.50 in 2024–2025 and subsequently to $245 in 2026–27.