Jockey Suraj Narredu praised Long Lease as a courageous competitor, highlighting her ability to maintain her lead against Ramiel's challenge. However, amidst the excitement, the event saw moments of sorrow. 

Hornbill, a final entry yet to secure a win, had to be euthanized due to a stifle fracture, while outstation contender Sea The Sun suffered a burst blood vessel during the race, falling behind the competition.

The race unfolded predictably, with Destroyer leading fiercely until the final stretch, where Long Lease surged ahead. Ramiel, ridden by Trevor, made a strategic move, creating an unforgettable Derby experience for the packed stands of spectators.

Trainer Neil Darashah enjoyed a victorious afternoon, securing a hat-trick of wins

Trainer Neil Darashah achieved a triumphant afternoon with a hat-trick featuring Fort Nelson, Cosmic Cowboy, and Cool Rider. The victories of Fort Nelson and Cosmic Cowboy, guided by Zervan and Neeraj Rawal respectively, showcased their dominance in their respective races. 

Cool Rider, piloted by Zervan, faced a tough challenge from Gazino in the Trafalgar Cup but emerged victorious. Meanwhile, the third-placed Time And Tide hinted at future potential.

Trainer Patrick Quinn orchestrated a well-executed plan with Speculator and Black Eagle. Speculator, ridden by Trevor, outpaced competitors in the JSK1 Ultimate Dash Cup, while Black Eagle triumphed over Jamaica in the JSK 1 Live Sports Gaming Cup under PS Chouhan's guidance.

Shyam Habbu's outstation contender, Flying Scotsman, secured victory in The Telegraph Cup, marking the first of Phoenix Tower's four winning offsprings during the event. 

However, the late effort from jockey Arul on Tiger Shark narrowly missed victory in the JSK1 Mile Cup, won by B Rajender Reddy's Veneno with apprentice Aniket in the saddle.

Image credits: Telegraph Online