"We clearly have this feeling that we will continue in the Olympic program," Schormann conveyed to Reuters during a Zoom interview from the world championships in Bath, England. "We've presented all that the IOC has asked for."

Schormann highlighted the involvement of observers at the Under-19 world championships in Istanbul, where athletes were interviewed. The successful execution of a youth world championship highlighted the sport's progress and adaptability.

While modern pentathlon will adhere to its traditional format in the Paris Games, speculations have arisen about a potential exodus of athletes after 2024, including reigning Olympic champion Joe Choong. However, Schormann countered by noting the influx of new athletes that the sport has attracted.

The transition to obstacle racing has also garnered support from the National Olympic Committees, which are now more inclined to invest in modern pentathlon. Schormann revealed that the replacement sport offers versatility, as it can be combined with other disciplines to create non-Olympic events that further develop the sport.

With obstacle racing presenting newfound opportunities, the sport's potential for growth and expansion has garnered interest from various quarters. Schormann emphasized that this transformative phase is just the beginning, as the sport sets its sights on a promising future.

Source: Reuters