While the race was declared void without further incident, the circumstances surrounding how it was halted will be investigated by the British Horseracing Authority (BHA).

In horse racing, the standard protocol to bring a race to a stop is to wave a yellow 'stop race' flag, signalling jockeys to pull up their horses immediately. 

In this case, the flag was not utilized, requiring jockeys to rely on their instincts and act quickly upon seeing officials on the course.

The stewards' report stated, "An enquiry was held to consider the circumstances around whether this race should be declared void. Having successfully deployed hazard flags and whistles, in the home straight, the riders had sufficient time to safely pull up their mounts. After hearing the evidence, the Stewards were satisfied to declare the race void on the grounds of welfare."

The report also mentioned that further evidence was presented regarding why the yellow 'stop race' flag had not been deployed, and this information was forwarded to the British Horseracing Authority's Head Office for further evaluation.

The racing world mourns the loss of Lunar Space and stands in solidarity with all those affected by this tragic incident.