Dettori's decision was not taken lightly and was the result of deep contemplation, as he shared, "It was a long, hard decision with myself and my wife. It's a big decision to move to another country."

Frankie Dettori has a glorious career in horse racing

Frankie Dettori's career has been marked by remarkable accomplishments and unforgettable moments. Among these, his extraordinary feat in 1996 stands out, when he triumphed in all seven races on a single afternoon at Ascot. 

This historic achievement led to bookmakers shelling out millions of pounds in payouts.

With a career spanning an impressive 35 years, Dettori's unwavering passion for the sport is clear as he embarks on this new chapter. Alongside his plans to race in the United States, Dettori intends to compete in Dubai and Saudi Arabia. 

His ultimate aspiration is to find a mount for the prestigious Kentucky Derby, an event that has long captured the imagination of jockeys and horse racing enthusiasts around the world.

As Frankie Dettori continues to defy the sands of time, fans of the sport eagerly anticipate the next chapter in his remarkable journey. 

His decision to carry on racing is a testament to his enduring love for the sport and the indomitable spirit that has made him a beloved figure in the world of horse racing.