"I think for me it's all been about learning, there's a hundred ways to do things, it's just about applying what you think will work and going from there."

The father-daughter duo's first major triumph came in June

In June, the family experienced their most significant triumph to date as four-year-old mare Wine Not Roses, ridden by jockey Montana Philpot, emerged victorious in the Kilcoy Cup. Presently, they have 10 horses in training, but the former Meridan State College student expressed aspirations to expand their operations in the coming years.

"We're always chasing a fast horse and have got some nice young ones coming through plus the older horses like Leored and Wine Not Roses are racing consistently so I think the last few months we've been on a bit of a roll and really looking forward to next season," she said.

"I'm looking to expand the stable but dad's looking to wind down so we've got to get on the same page there.

"He's in his retirement years and I'm just getting going so we'll see what happens."

Cover image: Patrick Woods