The horse can be unpredictable at times

According to Clarke, "His performance can be unpredictable, as it depends on how he's feeling on the day."

Grandslam is among the four runners from Clarke's stable scheduled to compete in the upcoming Darwin feature on Saturday. Another former horse trained by Maher and Eustace, Thought Of That, is also included in the entries.

Both Grandslam and Thought Of That are following a path towards the Darwin Cup, a 2050m race set to take place on August 7.

"They arrived in early-June and have had sufficient time to settle in and adapt," Clarke mentioned regarding their transition to the Darwin environment.

"I trialled both of them a few weeks ago in Darwin, and to be honest, their performances were underwhelming."

However, Clarke doesn't give too much significance to their initial trials on the dirt, recalling how Playoffs, who also originated from the Maher and Eustace stable and wore the same racing colors as Grandslam, went from average trial results to winning both the Chief Minister's Cup and the Darwin Cup in an impressive hit-and-run campaign last year.