He emphasized the importance of securing qualification well in advance, acknowledging the unpredictability of away game pitches.

Southgate has assured that he won't put his players in harm's way

Addressing worries from Premier League managers about players returning unscathed after the international break, Southgate quipped, "There will be that without a pitch [issue] or not! We wouldn't take any chances with players."

Amidst discussions about his contract expiring in December 2024, Southgate remained focused on the immediate task at hand. "I haven't thought about it really," he said. "I've thought about the game tomorrow and the need for a better performance than Friday, so that's what I've been focusing on."

Expressing concerns about the team's focus in the lead-up to the game, Southgate stressed the importance of maintaining a game-by-game approach. 

"I feel almost as if we've almost talked too much about the Euros already [internally this week]. So it's tomorrow, then it's March, then it's the summer. And we go from there," he concluded, looking ahead to the immediate challenges on the field.