He credited Rohit for providing crucial starts in various matches, making challenging situations appear easier for the team. Dravid acknowledged the significant impact of Rohit's innings, making it more straightforward for the rest of the squad.

Reflecting on Rohit's attacking intent, Dravid emphasized the skipper's vital role in shaping India's aggressive white-ball approach. "We've talked about playing in a particular way. You cannot do that unless your leader really buys in and actually shows by example. It's been terrific to see the way Rohit's done that," Dravid said.

Commenting on Rohit's captaincy, Dravid praised its consistency, stating, "And I think his captaincy has obviously been fantastic as well. It's been very good for a long time."

Sharma's stands out among the team management by commanding respect

Dravid expressed his admiration for Rohit's influence within the team, gaining the respect of both players and coaching staff. 

He stated, "He's someone who's certainly got the respect of the group and the team. Certainly, got the respect of our coaching staff. And it's been a pleasure to see him operate the way he has, both on and off the field, like I said."

Acknowledging Rohit's success, Dravid concluded, "I think he's truly someone who deserves all the success that he's been getting. And hopefully, it may continue."

Regarding India's flexible approach in the tournament, Dravid noted their ability to perform well in both batting first and chasing targets. 

He expressed confidence in Rohit's decision-making, regardless of the toss outcome at the Wankhede Stadium. Dravid stated, "Whatever call Rohit makes, we will go with it," emphasizing the team's comfort with both scenarios.

As the semi-final approaches, the Indian team, under Rohit's leadership, aims to continue their impressive form and secure a spot in the highly anticipated World Cup final.