Yet, amidst the pursuit of Mbappe, Real Madrid is also considering Erling Haaland. The Manchester City sensation has expressed his ongoing 'dream' to play for the Madrid side, signalling his desire to keep that option open. 

Speculation suggests Real Madrid holds a release clause for the Norwegian striker, potentially facilitating his move to the Spanish capital.

Should Real Madrid fail to secure Mbappe, their efforts to bring Haaland on board will intensify. However, the possibility of both superstars landing at the Bernabeu seems unlikely. 

City is aiming to put Haaland in the club by giving him a better contract

Manchester City aims to dissuade Haaland's interest by proposing an improved contract, yet the existence of a release clause adds complexity to Madrid's decision-making.

Recent reports hint at a divide within the Real Madrid board regarding the acquisition of Mbappe, with some advocating for Haaland. Arguments favour Haaland's compatibility with Vinicius Junior and Rodrygo Goes, deeming him a less disruptive presence. 

The club faces a pivotal juncture in weighing these considerations in the impending months.

The unfolding saga around Mbappe's decision this summer is poised to reverberate across European football's elite circles. 

Real Madrid's manoeuvring in pursuit of their preferred talisman will likely shape the landscape of top-tier football transfers in the upcoming transfer window. 

As the summer approaches, all eyes remain fixed on the Bernabeu, awaiting the resolution of this high-stakes pursuit.