"I never use these situations – the motivation is just to try to do better, that is it," remarked Guardiola during his pre-game press conference when asked about the impact of recent results on his team's motivation.

He emphasized the importance of exceeding opponents' performances to secure victories: "My feeling today is we are going to win the Premier League – if we play at the levels we did against Liverpool and Tottenham, we are going to win it again."

Acknowledging the skepticism following a series of draws, Guardiola remained resolute: "People don’t believe it after three draws but we are going to do it again. We know that it is not easy [winning four Premier League titles in a row], no team has done it yet, and that is why the difficulty is there. But if you ask what I’m feeling, I want to do it again."

Guardiola's unwavering confidence underscores Manchester City's determination to secure yet another Premier League title, with the manager unwaveringly backing his team to rise to the occasion despite recent stumbling blocks.