Giroud stood between the posts like a seasoned goalkeeper

A well-executed Genoa move saw George Puscas bearing down on goal, requiring Giroud to channel his inner goalkeeper. With a decisive move reminiscent of a seasoned shot-stopper, Giroud left his six-yard box and cleared the danger.

Speaking in a post-match interview with Sky Sport Italia, Giroud expressed his delight at the unexpected adventure: "I never experienced a moment like this! I am very proud for the team, we fought to the end, and I made a good save! I was also lucky with the crossbar. We fought like lions, and I am very happy for the fans."

When asked if the adrenaline rush of making that last-gasp save was similar to scoring a goal, Giroud responded, "Almost," highlighting the unique nature of the situation. "I wasn't sure if it was going to be a header or not, so I thought just go, and it's better to be there than staying on the line. I do not have the movements of a goalkeeper, but that is what I felt. It really hurt my arm, but that's fine."

Giroud, 37, a decorated footballer with a World Cup and Champions League title to his name, humorously mentioned that he had always enjoyed playing in goal as a child, which led to his selection for this unusual role. 

He concluded with a big smile, "I am keeping this jersey now; I'm framing it!" Giroud proudly sported the oversized goalkeeper shirt as he conducted his post-match media duties, symbolizing a memorable moment in his storied career.