The 32-year-old midfielder is set to join Saudi club Al-Ittihad after the conclusion of his contract this month. Kante, who was named the FWA and PFA Player of the Year in the 2016/17 season, played a pivotal role in Leicester City's Premier League triumph in 2016 before transferring to Chelsea that summer. 

During his time with the Blues, he achieved success by winning the Champions League, Premier League, Europa League, and FA Cup.

According to reports, N'Golo Kante, a member of the French team that won the 2018 World Cup, is set to earn approximately £88 million per year from his highly lucrative contract with Al-Ittihad.

“My dream was to become a footballer and to try and win trophies”, he said in his final interview on the Chelsea website. “Joining Chelsea was the perfect arrangement for me to achieve those dreams.

“The first day I joined Chelsea, I was told very early on that the objective here is always to win trophies. Always. I’ve managed to do that and I’m so grateful for my coaches, my team-mates and the Chelsea supporters for helping me achieve this.

“I remember how the move to Chelsea came about, very clearly. I was at Leicester and we had an amazing season. Shortly after we won the title, my agent called me and told me that Chelsea were interested in signing me.

“Straight away, I had a good chemistry with Antonio Conte. He was the coach who signed me and I felt that he knew what he wanted from me and what he wanted, and expected, from the club. I never once regretted that choice, it was perfect for me.

“Throughout my time at Chelsea, I’ve worked with some incredible coaches who have all helped me develop my game.

“When everyone plays together in the same state of mind, it helps you pull together as a collective and that’s something I really felt at Chelsea. From joining in 2016 to now, I’ve developed as a player so much and that’s down to this club allowing me the opportunity to do so.”

In 2021 Kante won the Champions League with Chelsea

Under the guidance of Thomas Tuchel, Kante secured the prestigious Champions League title with Chelsea in 2021.

“I’ve had so many good times at Chelsea but of course, winning the Champions League stands out”, he reflected. “In fact, I’d say the latter stages of that journey as a whole was really special.

“The feeling of that night will stay with us for a long time. Even now, when I talk about that night it makes me smile. The players feel and all the coaches we’ve had, they’ve all shared a burning desire to win titles and trophies.

“People have often asked me how, and why, I stay so humble. For me, it’s not necessarily about staying humble. It’s just being me and remembering the journey I’ve taken.”

Speaking about his footballing development, Kante said: “To get to here with Chelsea, to join the French national team was such a long journey for me with many, many setbacks. From a young age, many training centres didn’t accept me and I failed on numerous occasions with my attempts to join a professional club. These setbacks make you who you are and act as a reminder to me every day.

“Not everyone can fulfil their dreams. I’m fortunate. I’ve succeeded and I made the decision to always remember how far I’ve come and to enjoy the ride.”