After his team won the Community Shield against Manchester City on Sunday, Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta highlighted the significance of taking things one step at a time. Arsenal won the thrilling game 4-1 on penalties, setting a terrific tone for their season.

Arteta told reporters after the game that he was most concerned about winning trophies and bringing success to the football club. However, he also emphasized the need to be grounded and not allow the success to overshadow the impending Premier League season, which begins next weekend.

We're here to win trophies for this football team and make it prosperous, Arteta continued. 

Even if you win a trophy today, you still need to practise tomorrow - Mikel Arteta

The manager expressed his delight at winning the Community Shield, highlighting the thrill of witnessing fans celebrate and having a great connection with the squad at Wembley Stadium.

Doing it for our supporters in Wembley feels completely different, and that's amazing, he commented. Just the thrill of seeing so many happy and proud people and the connection again, he continued. We all know that in football, even if you win a trophy today, you still need to practise tomorrow.