Messi has revealed that he will start his preseason preparation in January

He went on to reveal his excitement about spending the holidays in Argentina, highlighting that this would be the first time he could enjoy a more relaxed December with his loved ones. His intentions are clear: "In January, I will return (to Miami) again to do preseason, start from scratch, and prepare as best as possible, as always."

Messi's commitment to his national team remains unwavering, with November bringing a pair of World Cup qualifiers against Uruguay and Brazil for the defending World Cup champions, Argentina.

Reflecting on Inter Miami's MLS season, Messi expressed his disappointment regarding the team's failure to make the playoffs, despite his remarkable efforts. 

He acknowledged the challenges they faced, including injuries and a demanding schedule. Nonetheless, he emphasized the significance of winning a tournament, highlighting its importance for the club as they look ahead to the challenges and opportunities of the coming year.

As Messi's journey with Inter Miami progresses, fans eagerly anticipate what the future holds for the football legend in MLS and beyond.