Mauricio Pochettino, the manager of Chelsea, is opposed to a reunion with Neymar.

Paris Saint-Germain has put Neymar up for sale, and rumors in France yesterday night connected Neymar to a shock transfer to Stamford Bridge.

It is assumed that PSG would accept a bid of between £60 million and £70 million.

Pochettino, as is well known, does not want Chelsea to sign the 31-year-old. 

Neymar is estimated to make £600,000 per week at PSG, so a move for him is not financially feasible. Concerns have also been raised about whether he is the correct type of player for the culture and style of play that Pochettino is attempting to promote at Chelsea.

Pochettino and Chelsea both prioritise signing young players over superstars in their transfer strategies.

A deal for neymar is said to be off the table since sporting directors paul winstanley and laurence stewart are close to pochettino. 

It is said that Neymar is determined to go back to Barcelona.