His limited involvement is due to his ongoing recovery from a dead leg injury suffered during a match against Sheffield United in August.

Typically, a dead leg injury is not considered a significant setback, especially for a player who has endured numerous challenges throughout his career. 

However, Grealish's injury was of an extraordinary nature, as he described it as the most painful he has ever experienced, next to a kidney injury he suffered six years ago.

Grealish shared insights into the extent of his struggle with the injury, stating, "Apart from the kidney injury I had six years ago, it was the most painful injury I have had." He went on to explain, "You might all laugh at me now, it was only a dead leg, but it was the worst dead leg I have had in my life."

Grealish has revealed that the dead leg injury has caused him serious trouble 

Intriguingly, he revealed that the dead leg injury led to a haematoma, a condition where trauma damages veins or arteries. In Grealish's case, the haematoma was a staggering 20cm in size, a magnitude that stunned City's club doctor, Max Sala. 

Grealish recounted, "Our doc at City, who has worked at AC Milan and everything, said, ‘That’s the worst dead leg I’ve ever seen, by a mile.'"

The injury occurred during a tackle by Ollie McBurnie in the match against Sheffield United. Grealish noted, "If I showed you the tackle now, you’d be like ‘Get up’. It doesn’t even look that bad."

After the match, the pain intensified, and Grealish found himself unable to walk. 

He recounted the experience, stating, "I was like, ‘Nah, I need something here, doc.’" His condition was so severe that he had to rely on crutches and other support to move around.

Following the initial discomfort and days on crutches, Grealish faced another challenge. 

He struggled to bend his leg, rendering traditional cardiovascular training impossible, such as cycling on an exercise bike, for nearly three and a half weeks.

While Grealish is currently free from pain, he does not feel fully fit. The minutes he has played since the injury are considered a part of his "mini pre-season."

Source: The Independent

This injury and recovery process may offer some context to Manchester City's recent struggles on the pitch. The team's consecutive league defeats are raising questions about their hunger and drive following last season's historic triumph under Guardiola. 

The resilience of the squad will be closely scrutinized as they aim to regain their winning momentum in the upcoming fixtures.