The day's proceedings commenced with light-hearted banter between spirited England fans and a scattering of Aussie supporters. Yet, as the action unfolded, emotions ran high and passions intensified. Ella Toone's stunning opening goal propelled England into the lead, igniting fervour and anticipation.

England's resolve proved unshakeable in the match

A momentary tension gripped the air as Australia's Sam Kerr showcased her prowess, delivering a formidable strike from outside the box to level the score. The Matildas' resurgence added a thrilling layer to the narrative, but England's resolve proved unshakeable.

Lauren Hemp's resounding goal in the 70th minute rekindled the nation's fervour, and Alessia Russo's final flourish minutes before the whistle sealed England's triumphant fate, booking their place in the coveted final.

Among the myriad of exultant faces, stories of profound experiences abound. Hayley Chapel, an 18-year-old who journeyed from East Suffolk to Wembley, described the atmosphere as "intense but absolutely amazing." Fellow fan Zoe Marchant, aged 41, travelled from Hastings, echoing the sentiments of an exhilarating night, declaring, "We've been waiting all tournament for this sort of performance and they came through."

Emily Bowen, 15, painted St. George's flag on her face using red glitter, epitomizing the fervour that coursed through the nation. Emily's words encapsulate the collective sentiment: "I was actually ecstatic when the full-time whistle went. The click of reality, we're through to a World Cup final."

With the grand finale awaiting on Sunday, England stands poised for an extraordinary showdown. The Lionesses' remarkable journey has captured the nation's heart, exemplifying the resilience and spirit that define the beautiful game. As the final beckons, the roar of England's Lionesses echoes with unwavering hope and uncontainable pride.

As fans in England bask in celebration, here is how fans reacted on Twitter:

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