Tournament Format: A Look at the Structure and Competition

Outlined as a platform for intense competition, the tournament's format comprises four groups, each housing four teams. A single-leg match system will see teams battling within their groups, with group winners vying for a coveted spot in the semi-finals. 

The summit clash is scheduled for January 28, 2024, promising an exhilarating conclusion to this prestigious footballing extravaganza.

Notably, the AIFF has allocated four slots in the group stage specifically for I-League teams, affording them the opportunity to compete directly or through qualifiers, intensifying the level of competition and inclusivity in the Kalinga Super Cup.

Stakes and Rewards: Champions' Road to AFC Champions League (ACL)

A groundbreaking announcement surfaced as the champions of the Kalinga Super Cup will earn the prestigious nomination to partake in the AFC Champions League (ACL) 2 Preliminary Stage of the 2023-24 season, signifying the immense stakes and rewards associated with this coveted title.

AIFF President Mr. Kalyan Chaubey expressed his enthusiasm for the transformative changes, stating, "The annual Super Cup tournament will now be organized in a bigger and broader perspective. The tournament will now be known as Kalinga Super Cup and will be played in Odisha in January 2024. This is a positive development for Indian domestic football. I am confident the Kalinga Super Cup will be a huge hit both in terms of organization and spectator interest."

The advent of the Kalinga Super Cup marks a pivotal moment for Indian football, ushering in an era of heightened competition, inclusivity, and opportunities for clubs across leagues to showcase their mettle on a grand stage. 

The amalgamation of ISL and I-League teams in a fiercely contested battle promises to captivate football enthusiasts nationwide, elevating the sport to new heights and bolstering India's footballing prowess on the global stage.