Additionally, he mentioned that he incorporates videos featuring players like Dhoni and Kohli into the training regimen of Iranian cricketers to enhance their performance.

He further emphasized that despite the talent possessed by Iranian players, their ability to excel in international cricket is hindered due to insufficient training opportunities and the lack of appropriate infrastructure and equipment.

“Iranian players have talent to play good cricket internationally. But we fail to train them due to lack of infrastructure. I wanted India to help us to build the stadium so Iranian players can prove their mettle in the world,” Raeisi told ANI.

The cricket coach from Iran has appealed to the BCCI to visit Iran and establish a world-class cricket stadium. Additionally, he requested the BCCI to provide training on cricket umpiring.

“We want Indian cricket management BCCI to trained our players and umpiring in Iran so our players also can play cricket well,” Raeisi told ANI.

Furthermore, Asgar, the Under-19 cricket coach of Iran, expressed that Iranian fans experienced disappointment when India did not emerge victorious in the World Test Championship (WTC) finals held in June this year.

He also highlighted the positive impact of Iranian players participating in an Under-16 match in Chandigarh-Panchkula, India, which subsequently uplifted the morale of the Iranian cricket team in the country.

“We would also expect Iranian players to be part to IPL matches,” he said.

The Chabahar Free Zone (CFZ) has allocated a specific area of 10 hectares for the construction of a cricket stadium, designed to accommodate 4,000 seats.

Unfortunately, due to the impact of US sanctions, Iran faces challenges in developing the sports complex in Chabahar. Therefore, the country is actively seeking investors to support the project. Iran's strategic location, bordering Pakistan and Afghanistan, holds significance for India in terms of trade, investment, and infrastructure development.