On Wednesday, England captain Harry Kane said that he chose Bayern Munich because he wanted to experience the pressure of trying to win championships every year.

 Kane, 30, left Tottenham on Saturday in a transfer of an initial 100 million euros ($110 million), leaving the club where he began his professional career.

 Kane acknowledged to Sky Sports that his desire to play consistently at the highest level was what drove him to switch. 

Many people focus on the trophies and my motivation for moving here, but the real reason was to develop and experience the new pressure of needing to win championships every year, advance in the champions league, and push myself to the maximum.

Kane left Tottenham as the team's all-time leading scorer with 280 goals across all competitions, despite the fact that he did not collect any trophies while playing in north London. 

Tottenham lost two league cup finals and the 2019 Champions League final to Liverpool while kane was a player there. 

The previous 11 bundesliga championships have been won by bayern, a six-time european champion, who is the front-runner to win it again this year. 

The England captain asserted that in the bavarian capital, he was more concerned with team successes than personal goals.

It all comes down to what you accomplish as a team, not just what you accomplish as an individual.

 If you're winning games, championships, and champions leagues, I'll probably be scoring goals, allowing you to win other individual accolades.

Just hours after signing his contract with the team, kane came off the bench in the 93rd minute of bayern munich's 3-0 super cup loss to rb leipzig on Saturday. 

When you play for a team like Bayern Munich, you must win - Harry Kane

He could play against Werder Bremen on Friday to make his Bundesliga debut.

The forwards, who are also England's leading scorer, stated that he would like the pressure of playing for one of Europe's best teams.

When you play for a team like Bayern Munich, you must win. There is no room for disagreement.

If you lose or perform poorly, "questions will be raised."

Kane admitted that leaving England would be "strange to begin with."

"I'll miss it at first, but I guess my attention is here... I'm eager to take on this task and support the team.