Former Italy striker Giuseppe Rossi has declared his retirement from professional football. His career, which included incredible highs and difficult lows, was regrettably tarnished by terrible injuries. Rossi, who was born in New Jersey, USA, last played for Spal, an Italian Serie B side.

Rossi, now 36, started his professional career at Manchester United. However, he truly made his impact at Villarreal and Fiorentina, becoming a significant player and showcasing his extraordinary talent. Unfortunately, his promising career was interrupted by knee ailments, which severely curtailed his playing time.

Despite these setbacks, Rossi's career was full of memorable events and notable accomplishments. He scored seven goals in 30 games for Italy, despite preferring to play for his father's nation over the United States. After scoring goals for Italy's victorious 1982 FIFA World Cup campaign in Spain, he was nicknamed Pepito Rossi, after his namesake Paolo Rossi, nicknamed Pablito for his goal-scoring exploits in the Spanish La Liga.

Giuseppe Rossi passion for the game remained unshakable.

In addition to England, Italy, Spain, and the United States, Rossi played in several other countries and leagues. He played for famous clubs such as Manchester United, Villarreal, Fiorentina, and Real Salt Lake. Despite the injuries that hampered his career, Rossi's dedication, perseverance, and passion for the game remained unshakable.

Rossi expressed appreciation in an Instagram post for being a part of the wonderful game of football. Rossi's path has been remarkable, from skipping around the garden as a toddler with a ball at his feet to playing at the highest level in the world's most beautiful stadiums. As he hangs up his boots, he leaves behind a legacy of tenacity, passion, and an indomitable spirit that will continue to inspire future generations of soccer players.