Rubiales, aged 46, maintains that the kiss was consensual, while Hermoso insists it was forced upon her.

Arriving at the court, dressed in a black suit over a white shirt, Rubiales was accompanied by his lawyer, Olga Tubau, 50 minutes before the closed-door hearing was scheduled to begin. He did not engage with the media assembled outside.

A few days ago, Rubiales resigned from his role after massive protests

After weeks of resisting calls from players, politicians, and women's groups to step down from his role as president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), Rubiales ultimately resigned on September 10. 

However, he remains steadfast in his belief that his actions were consensual and a spontaneous expression of celebration and joy.

As Rubiales faced the court, women players, including the victorious World Cup squad, announced their intention to continue their boycott of the national team until changes are implemented within the federation's leadership.

Rubiales' court appearance is in response to a complaint filed by state prosecutor Marta Durantez Gil with the High Court. Hermoso informed prosecutors that Rubiales forcibly kissed her on the mouth while holding her head with both hands. 

The prosecutor subsequently added a potential charge of coercion to the case, as Hermoso alleged that she and her family felt pressured by Rubiales and his entourage to affirm her consent to the incident.