promising midfielder's injury during Spain's recent fixture against Georgia in the final FIFA international break of 2023 has led to a significant setback for the Catalan club.

The medical report released by Barcelona's medical services confirms the severity of Gavi's injury, revealing a complete tear of the anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee, coupled with an associated injury to the external meniscus. 

Gavi's recovery period is estimated to span between six to eight months, dealing a blow to both personal and sporting fronts for Barça, given his pivotal role in Xavi's tactical setup.

FC Barcelona will receive compensation through FIFA's Protection of Clubs program

In the wake of this distressing development, FC Barcelona is set to seek compensation through FIFA's Protection of Clubs program, designed to assist clubs when their players sustain serious injuries while representing their national teams.

The financial indemnity from FIFA to FC Barcelona will commence from December 16 this year, following the 28 consecutive days of inactivity due to injury mandated by FIFA for compensation eligibility. 

The program stipulates a compensation rate of €20,548 per day until the player is declared fit for competitive action.

Amid speculation about the compensation figures, initial estimates suggest that for a minimum six-month absence, Barcelona could receive around €3,760,248. Should Gavi's recovery extend to eight months, the compensation could reach approximately €5,013,712. 

While this compensation does not alleviate the void left by Gavi's absence on the field, it serves as a financial relief for FC Barcelona amidst the player's prolonged absence.