At a pre-match press conference, Coyle expressed his satisfaction with the players' dedication and emphasized the collective effort to secure that elusive first win. 

He stated, "We have always believed that the more we play together, the more we work together, the better the results we get."

Coyle also highlighted the benefits of the break, saying, "The break has been very good for us because we've worked very hard and played a few friendlies as well, so, it was a good test of our quality. It also allowed us some time to look at a few things we did in the league till now and improve on it."

With a clear focus on achieving a playoff spot, Coyle added, "We have given the boys the belief and confidence to go and play because nothing is ever decided after the first few games. We believe that we are fighting to be in those playoffs."

Chennaiyin FC has faced a challenging start to the ISL, losing all of their matches. The team has been diligently working on building a winning combination during the break. 

Coyle noted, "The team also looked at different formations during the break. And that will give us more fluency during the match. We look to make ourselves a little bit more solid in the upcoming matches."

Coyle also emphasized the club's commitment to nurturing young players

Coyle also commended the young players in the squad and emphasized Chennaiyin's commitment to nurturing talent. 

He said, "Our young players are talented, and Chennaiyin is a club that has a fantastic model, which is investing in the youth and progressing young players like the player who is sitting next to me - Ayush Adhikari. The youngsters in our team work really hard, so, our model is slightly different, and we continuously work together to get better on the pitch."

Midfielder Ayush Adhikari, who joined Coyle at the press conference, echoed the coach's sentiments, emphasizing his unwavering belief in the club's system and model. He said, "Since I have joined the club, I have a lot of belief in the team and its project and the system."

Adhikari further expressed optimism, stating, “We are all looking forward to exciting matches, and the gaffer is also known for developing good club players as he has done in the past as well. The players and top officials have also done great for the club. So, I have a lot of belief in the team, and I think it's just a matter of time before we can turn things around to get back to the winning ways.”