Arsene Wenger, the iconic former Arsenal manager, was overcome with emotion as his monument was unveiled at Emirates Stadium. The celebration commemorated Wenger's incredible 22-year stint at the club, during which he changed English football and achieved unprecedented success with the Gunners.

Wenger's history at Arsenal includes three Premier League championships, one of which was the famous Invincibles' season in 2003-04, in which Arsenal were undefeated throughout the season. He also guided the squad to seven FA Cup titles and its first-ever participation in the Champions League final in 2006. His accomplishments for the club won him a spot with other Arsenal luminaries like Tony Adams, Herbert Chapman, Thierry Henry, and Dennis Bergkamp, all of whom have statues outside the stadium.

Wenger described his emotions at viewing his statue for the first time, saying it was unusual to see himself portrayed in a lifeless manner. He was genuinely honored, though, and stated his wish to be permanently associated with the club with which he had spent so much of his life.

"It's strange to look at yourself not moving!" In the end, though, I've always wanted to be a part of this club, and somewhere inside of me, I feel like I'm a permanent member of this club, and that's where I want to be. So, it's emotional because of the honour, but it's also emotional because that's where I want to be. So, I'm glad because I'm where I want to be," Wenger said in a video interview with Arsenal.

Wenger was driven by a desire to establish something bigger than himself throughout his time at Arsenal. He envisioned the club being one of the largest in the world, and the presentation of the monument demonstrates the major role he played in realizing that ambition. Wenger recognized the long nights and hardships he experienced while managing the squad, but he also emphasized his tremendous joy with the stadium's current environment, with both the supporters and the players doing well.

The statue pays homage to Wenger's enormous effect on Arsenal 

"The energy of working for something greater than myself always energised me." Overall, I think my involvement made this club what it is today—one of the biggest in the world. So, when I come here now and see the stadium, I know my efforts were worthwhile since I believe this stadium caused me to suffer. I'm relieved to be standing in the shade of this stadium because it has caused me some restless nights! But, generally, it's nice to see it and return to such a tremendous environment today, with our supporters and the team performing well. Wenger continued, "It gives me a lot of satisfaction."

The statue pays homage to Wenger's enormous effect on Arsenal and the football world. It represents the enduring memory of a manager who established the club's identity and made an indelible impact on its history.