She pointed to the Luis Rubiales scandal, which involved the head of the Spanish football federation (RFEF) resigning after an incident in which he kissed Putellas' teammate, Jenni Hermoso, as evidence that attitudes must evolve for the women's game to progress.

Putellas believes that no woman should go through situations like disrespect or abuse

"We are deeply passionate about our profession as soccer players. We are here to stay and to support those who will follow in our footsteps, because there is still a long journey ahead," said the 29-year-old during the ceremony.

"In recent times, we have witnessed the gravity of the situation we face within the RFEF, and the changes we are demanding to ensure that no woman, whether within or outside of football, ever has to endure situations like disrespect or abuse again.

"We need consensus, courage, and leadership from the institutions, please. That is why we will not stop here; we will stand alongside those who have fought before us. 

We will unite in our daily efforts, and we will join all the girls and boys who aspire to be like us today. We will not let you down. Long live women's sports, and long live Barca."

Sarina Wiegman, the head coach of the England women's national team, has previously emphasized the importance of acknowledging Spain's players after the Rubiales scandal overshadowed their accomplishments in the World Cup.

While Luis Rubiales maintains that the kiss was consensual and has declined to offer an apology, Jenni Hermoso disputes this and has taken the matter to the office of the national prosecutor, seeking resolution and accountability.

Alexia Putellas' heartfelt speech serves as a reminder of the pressing need for change and respect within women's football and a call for unity and progress within the sport.