Valve has officially stated that CS2 is set to launch in Summer 2023, though this is a general estimate without a specific date. Considering Valve's headquarters is in Seattle, it is presumed that they refer to summer in the U.S., which spans from June 21 to September 23. 

However, the exact worldwide release date remains unannounced, leading various community figures to speculate based on the changes made to the beta. These speculations should be taken with caution.

The June 6 update, introducing several changes and providing more Steam Workshop tools for skins and custom maps, has fueled rumors that the transition to CS2 might happen earlier than expected. 

Subsequent updates on June 17 saw Valve continuing to improve the CS2 experience with a complete rework of Overpass and the addition of Vertigo and the full playable port of the Wingman game mode. 

Even though Valve is still rotating maps in the beta, the inclusion of major skin and visual settings, along with Wingman, has kept the speculation alive that CS2's worldwide launch is approaching.

As much as players are eagerly anticipating CS2's release, an official announcement will be required to confirm the exact date. Valve is known for gradually revealing information to players while working diligently behind the scenes.