With an impressive track record of reaching four out of the last five grand finals and emerging victorious in three, it's hard to dispute the claim. Vitality's path to the title saw them conquer MIBR, NAVI, and G2 before going head-to-head with ENCE in a high-stakes match with a prize pool of $220,000.

The series against ENCE wasn't without its challenges. Starting with a loss on Anubis, Vitality swiftly recovered on Mirage, securing a commanding 9-6 lead. Even a prolonged tech pause that forced both teams off the stage couldn't derail Vitality's momentum. 

Nuke, the decider, became a showcase for ZywOo, who walked away with yet another MVP award

In the end, Nuke, the decider, became a showcase for ZywOo, who walked away with yet another MVP award, further solidifying his position as a frontrunner for end-of-season honours. The final map underscored the overall series: Vitality's supremacy was unshakable, leaving ENCE valiant but unable to secure victory.

ENCE, while earning well-deserved recognition for their deep tournament runs, remain unable to topple elite-level teams when it counts the most. Despite their success, including a significant victory at IEM Dallas, they continue to search for the formula to defeat the very best. Their journey saw them overcome the likes of MOUZ and FaZe, but ultimately Vitality's calibre proved insurmountable.

The success of Vitality's controversial roster move also came to the forefront. With flameZ as dupreeh's replacement, the team found a new dynamic, as flameZ posted a stellar 1.12 rating across 10 maps played. Notably, he achieved a positive rating in all three events he participated in with the team, proving the move's impact was substantial and positive.

The conclusion of the event also marked a significant moment in the CS:GO community. While no official release date for CS2 has been confirmed, speculation runs rampant that the Gamers8 event may have marked the final major competition for CS:GO. 

Vitality, having secured victory as the winners of the last CS:GO Major, now shifts into a new era as they close one chapter and enter another as the favourites to watch.

As the CS:GO landscape evolves and transitions, Team Vitality's dominance remains unwavering. Their recent triumph underscores their status as a formidable international superteam, leaving fans eagerly anticipating what's to come in the next chapter of competitive gaming.