Originally, the decay status in VALORANT was intended to only affect opponents while they were within the ability's range. However, with the introduction of Episode Seven, the abilities used by Viper and Fade have been unintentionally causing a lasting impact on opponents. In fact, players have already begun sharing their unusual eliminations resulting from this bug on Reddit.

The occurrence of this early episode issue has raised concerns within the community, prompting questions regarding its initial cause. However, as of the time of publication, there has been no communication from Riot developers regarding this matter.

Players have addressed the issue online

Decay in VALORANT occurs when a player traverses through various Viper abilities like her Wall, Orb, and Ultimate, as well as when Fade activates their ability or ultimate. These particular abilities cause a significant drop in the opponent agent's health, rendering them vulnerable to incoming bullets throughout the duration of the effects.

Given this glitched state, it is highly likely that we may witness a surge in Viper and Fade players during matches, as this essentially provides them with a significant power boost.

Furthermore, this is not the only issue that has surfaced following the June 27 patch. Since the early arrival of Episode Seven earlier this week, VALORANT has experienced a turbulent ride. The Riot developers temporarily took down the game for maintenance shortly after the new season was released, and hours later, players started noticing the absence of agent voice lines and even the game announcer.

Considering the multitude of game-breaking glitches plaguing VALORANT, it is expected that Riot's bug-squashing team will take swift action. It is advisable to remain vigilant for any other errors or issues that may arise in your VALORANT matches. Given the extensive nature of the episodic update, there is a high likelihood that more bugs will surface in the near future.