Soul Amit reveals the reason behind the choice to sideline Hector

In a recent live stream, Soul Amit “Amit” Dubey openly disclosed the rationale behind the decision to bench Hector during the initial phases of both these tournaments.

Team Soul is actively participating in the ongoing BGMS Season 2 and BGIS 2023 - The Grind, and their performance has been nothing short of remarkable, showcasing their dominance in both tournaments. 

Notably, they achieved a significant milestone by becoming the second team, following Blind Esports, to amass a noteworthy 100 points during BGIS 2023 - The Grind Round 2.

During a recent livestream, Soul Amit shared insightful details concerning the decision to bench Hector in the initial phases of both BGMS Season 2 and BGIS 2023 - The Grind. Additionally, he shed light on the methodology he employs to determine the final four players for each match.

Soul Amit said, “We played Akshat, Neyo, Goblin and Omega during BGIS 2023 The Grind qualifiers because there are a limited number of points required to qualify for the further stages. When we play with Hector we have to play for the chicken dinner and try to grab the maximum number of points. When playing for the chicken dinner, taking a 4v4 fight becomes a disadvantage. At the same time when we add Akshat or Neyo to the lineup there are more chances of winning the 4v4 fights, but we may miss out on the chicken dinner”.

He also said, “When we play Hector in the playing four our gun power becomes comparatively weaker and it is difficult to initiate 4v4 fights. If we want to secure 4 to 8 finish points it becomes important to play Akshat, and if we want to secure the chicken dinner with maximum points we have to play Hector in that scenario. No lineup is perfect, both the lineups have their own advantages and flaws. I knew the lineup which we played in the qualifiers would not work in the finals as we have to play a more chicken dinner oriented gameplay, so i had to try that lineup in the initial stages of the tournament”.

Soul Amit also said a few words about Hector, “Hector’s gun power by any means is not weak, but he is the kind of player who likes to play a position oriented game”.

Team Soul is exerting its dominance across both tournaments concurrently. Hector emerged as the standout performer for Team Soul in the recently concluded Round 2 of BGIS 2023 - The Grind, earning the coveted title of Most Valuable Player (MVP) with an impressive tally of 19 notable finishes.

Enthusiastic fans are undoubtedly eager to witness their cherished team maintain its commanding presence in the upcoming phases of both BGMS Season 2 and BGIS 2023 - The Grind, with the ultimate aspiration of clinching the championship title.