The video emphasizes the celebration of India's beloved S8ul streamers in what is being touted as "India's biggest gaming festival." S8ul Esports expressed their excitement about the upcoming event in their Instagram caption.

“Fans are a big part of our success and S8UL Gaming Festival is our way of saying thank you!”

The S8ul Gaming Festival promises an engaging week-long experience

The S8ul Gaming Festival, is set to be an immersive week-long affair, encompassing various tournaments featuring esteemed streamers from S8ul Esports. 

Attendees will have the exciting opportunity to meet and interact with the members of S8ul, engaging in friendly games alongside or against them. Throughout the week, a range of tournaments and activities will be available for participants to partake in. 

The pinnacle of the event will be a thrilling two-day LAN extravaganza, described by S8ul as the "ultimate 2-day celebration of gaming and streaming" alongside their beloved S8UL Streamers.

While specific details regarding the location and prize pool of the tournaments remain undisclosed, S8ul Esports has assured fans that additional information will be forthcoming. Stay tuned for updates on this highly anticipated S8ul Gaming Festival.