This strategic program is set to foster an innovative co-creation environment within the game over the next three years, demonstrating PUBG Mobile's unwavering commitment to its creators and the rich creative content they contribute to the game.

The Wonder Creators Network is expected to elevate the gaming experience for users while recognizing and celebrating the immense creative potential within its community. 

This initiative promises to usher in a new era of collaboration and creativity, presenting enticing opportunities for both seasoned and aspiring PUBG Mobile designers.

The creator ecosystem has become a priority for PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is placing a strong emphasis on its creator ecosystem through various initiatives, including the Ptopia Design Project (PDP) and the newly launched World of Wonder (WOW) mode, which empowers players to craft their own maps and game modes.

In 2023, creators participating in competitions like World of Wonder and the Ptopia Design Project will compete for a total prize pool of $750,000. Looking ahead to 2024, an even more substantial incentive plan, worth "tens of millions of dollars," is on the horizon.

The World of Wonder mode is designed to introduce themed contests with a prize pool of $50,000 during every update cycle, along with a variety of in-game rewards.

As part of the Version 2.8 Update, the Tournament of Wonder is introduced as a new in-game creator event. Here, creators can craft themed maps, and players will cast their votes to determine the best designs. 

The top creators have a chance to win cash prizes up to $1,000, with the top 200 sharing a cash prize pool of $50,000. Additionally, the top 5,000 creators will have the opportunity to split Crate Coupons valued at over $10,000.

With the Wonder Creators Network, PUBG Mobile is set to open new horizons for creative minds and further enrich the PUBG Mobile universe. Players and creators alike can anticipate a more engaging and rewarding gaming experience in the days to come.