The event brings an opportunity for fans to stand by their chosen teams, partake in exclusive rewards, and actively contribute to the gaming extravaganza.

A Fan-Centric Experience Unveiled

The PMGC Road to Glory event promises an engaging experience, offering participants a chance to champion their preferred teams while vying for coveted rewards, including the rare Esports supporter title, Champion Lobby theme, and exclusive commemorative team cards.

Embarking on the Road to Glory

Team Selection and Progression

Participants kick off their journey by choosing a team to compete in the PMGC Finals. As they progress towards the 2023 PMGC Finals venue, each advancement requires a PMGC momento, effectively carrying the team flag forward in the race to glory.

Acquiring PMGC Mementos

Players have two primary avenues for obtaining PMGC Mementos. Engaging in the Frozen Kingdom-themed mode allows players to earn one memento per match, with up to five obtainable daily by exploring snowy villages. Alternatively, using 50 UC on the PMGC Lucky Spin grants a free PMGC momento.

Q&A Challenges for Free Advancements

Advancing to special spaces triggers Q&A challenges, offering players an opportunity for additional free advancements. Each player has up to five free chances during the event, with the possibility of garnering likes from friends to increase daily advancement opportunities.

Event Shop and Point Redemption

Upon reaching destinations, players accrue points that grant access to the event shop. These points can be redeemed for PMGC-themed space gifts, a time-limited Lobby theme, and other enticing rewards.

Event Shop Items Include:

  • AG Currency
  • BP
  • 20 UC Spin Vouchers
  • PMGC Themed Space Gifts (Popularity)
  • Time-Limited Lobby Theme
  • PMGC 2023 Esports Supporter Title
  • Contributions Rewarded

The top 100 players on the flag contribution ranking receive the prestigious Esports supporter 6D title. Carried flags contribute to the supported team, and players stand a chance to collect signed commemorative team cards.

Team Prizes and Serverwide Impact

Teams have the opportunity to unlock a prize pool of up to $80,000 based on the total number of contributed flags across the server. The distribution of this prize is contingent upon the team ranking, determined by the number of contributed flags.

Seize the Opportunity

The 2023 PMGC Road to Glory event offers an exhilarating journey for mobile gaming enthusiasts, providing a unique chance to actively engage with the PMGC Finals.

With exclusive rewards, impact on team prizes, and a thrilling gaming experience, participants are encouraged to join the event without delay and embark on their Road to Glory.