The Party Play feature is slated for release on October 17, marking a significant addition to the Pokemon GO universe. This exciting development will enable players to form or join parties with up to three friends, allowing them to tackle a variety of party challenges and raids as a unified team. 

As players assemble at a party, their friends' avatars will become visible on the in-game map, creating a dynamic and shared experience.

To make the most of this feature, here is how you can create or join a party in Pokemon GO:

  1. Open the Pokemon GO app and navigate to your Trainer profile.
  2. Click on the new Party tab, presenting you with two options: "Join Party" and “Create.”
  3. By selecting "Create," you will receive a QR code or numerical code, which you can share with up to three fellow Pokemon GO enthusiasts to form a new party.
  4. Opting for "Join Party" will prompt you to either scan the QR code provided by the party host or enter a numerical code.
  5. Once the host initiates the party, the in-game map will display the avatars of all your party members, indicating the beginning of your collective adventure.
  6. The Party Play feature introduces several benefits to trainers, elevating the social aspect of Pokemon GO:

Party Challenges and Additional Rewards: Forming a party presents players with a variety of Party Challenges, such as spinning PokeStops, battling in raids, and catching Pokemon, among others. Completing these tasks will earn additional in-game rewards for trainers.

Party Power Buff: Challenging raids with your party will activate a bonus known as Party Power. This buff doubles the damage of your next Charged Attack and accumulates with every Fast Attack. The more party members, the faster this buff charges, increasing your strength in raids.

Party Activity Summary: Players can keep tabs on their collective achievements by visiting the Party tab in their Trainer profile. Here, they can review their progress in categories like Pokemon, Throws, Adventure, Battle, and General activities that can be undertaken together.

With the introduction of the Party Play feature, Pokemon GO continues to evolve, making it even more engaging and socially interactive for players, while encouraging cooperation and shared adventures in the world of Pokemon.