Beyond the standard broadcast, Star Sports has captivating arrangements for supplementary programming

In addition to the regular broadcast, Star Sports has exciting plans for additional programming, offering viewers a unique and enriching esports experience. This strategic move establishes the popular sports network as a premier destination for BGMI enthusiasts and further solidifies its position in the esports landscape.

Speaking about the upcoming season, Sanjog Gupta, Head – Sports, Disney Star said: “Esports is a rapidly emerging category, fueled by the growing gaming culture in India and the global acknowledgement of its status as a sport. 

The first season of the BGMI Masters’ series, in partnership with NODWIN Gaming, was positioned as the pinnacle tournament for the game in India and demonstrated the potential of a world-class esports competition staged at an elevated scale. 

Over 36 million viewers tuned in for the first season on TV with more than 40% below the age of 21. Encouraged by the results, we believe that this endeavor – BGMI Masters – will excite the gaming community, drive wider acceptance for esports among non-gamers, and overall, engage a younger demographic on our platforms.”

Speaking about the association, Dipesh Agarwal, Co-founder and COO, Rooter said “NODWIN Gaming’s BGMI Masters Series has become the biggest and most loved esports IP in the country, and we are excited to be their exclusive digital streaming partner. 

From multi-platform distribution strength to sharp, tech-led content creation solutions, we’ve been pushing the boundaries of how Indians consume and engage with esports. 

For the tournament, we are geared to deliver the rich and immersive viewing experience that fans expect from us, even as we create more interactive avenues for them to root for their favorite teams. 

The much-awaited Master Series is also a great opportunity for brands to connect with the gaming community in a highly engaging setting. We are now actively working with multiple brands to help them reach out to the community through our media solutions like sponsorships, advertising campaigns, creator marketing, and more.”

Prepare for an extraordinary gaming spectacle as the latest season of the BGMI Masters Series promises to be a grand celebration of gaming excellence. With NODWIN Gaming, Star Sports, Rooter, and TVS at the helm, this season is all set to showcase exhilarating gameplay and deliver unforgettable esports moments, exclusively dedicated to the gaming community.