Step into the vibrant world of Xianyang, where the bustling trade and cultural exchanges between the East and West come alive. Forge your own path in combat, seamlessly blending into the crowd for stealthy assassinations or embracing intense, all-out battles. 

With a vast array of distinctive weapons and a multitude of customizable abilities, brace yourself for awe-inspiring clashes with multiple weapons and delve into the intriguing hidden narratives of ancient China's civilizations.

Expected release date

While specific information regarding the release window and date of Assassin's Creed Jade is still scarce, the closed Beta testing for the mobile game is currently underway. The specific release date is yet to be announced. As an exclusive mobile game, it will be accessible for free on the App Store for Apple devices and the Google Play store for Android users. Keep an eye out for future updates regarding the game's highly anticipated release.