announcement about the academy's launch was made a few days ago, coinciding with the unveiling of the MP Open State Junior Esports Championship. This ten-day esports tournament is specifically designed for participants aged between 12 and 17.

This is a monumental decision taken by the MP government 

As per The Times of India, Scindia said, “Esports has been included as one of the medal events in the upcoming Asian Games. The launch of the esports academy is a significant step towards long-term benefits for gamers. Selected players will receive free coaching and other support at the academy for one year.

“In total, 80% of the seats will be reserved for players from the state, while 20% will be allocated to players from outside Madhya Pradesh.”

Scindia additionally conveyed that the esports department will have access to all the amenities and resources currently available at the existing academies.

“The department envisioned world-class sports academies and established them in 2007 to identify grassroots sporting talent and provide state-of-the-art training facilities. The esports academy will be another significant addition,” she concluded.

Over the past decade, the esports industry has experienced remarkable growth, becoming a significant part of the entertainment and sports landscape. With video game tournaments offering staggering prize money of up to $45 million, esports has amassed a massive fan base.