The streamer embarked on his Korean journey on July 18

Starting from scratch on July 18th and not with a preset MMR from a Riot Games account, the streamer embarked on his Korean journey. After the placement games, he secured a spot in Emerald I and achieved an impressive promotion to Master in just four days. On July 26, Agurin made his final push, ultimately reaching rank one on the server.

Throughout the challenge, Agurin predominantly played jungle and showcased his prowess with picks like Jarvan IV, Nocturne, and Elise. With a total of 204 games played, he maintained an impressive win rate of 60 percent.

While Agurin has successfully achieved his goal, there are other popular European streamers, such as Spear Shot, Elite500, Lathyrus, and Azzap, who are also striving to reach Challenger on the Korean server. For those intrigued by the notorious region's intense competition, tuning into their streams promises some thrilling action.