Skyesports Champions Series unveils a fiercely competitive tournament, showcasing the finest teams in the country. The event will witness a clash between 18 esteemed invited teams, celebrated for their remarkable expertise and achievements, alongside six emerging teams who secure their positions through qualifiers. 

With a semifinal lineup comprising 24 exceptional teams like Soul, Blind Esports, Godlike, and 7Sea, the tournament promises an epic battle for dominance. The Skyesports Champions Series on Loco is poised to present the pinnacle of skill and strategic prowess in the thrilling world of esports.

“We are excited to reunite with Skyesports to broadcast the Skyesports Champions Series 2023, which also marks the return of BGMI to the esports scene.” Said, Loco founder, Ashwin Suresh. 

“Since the beginning, Loco has hosted over 90% of all BGMI tournaments including physical LAN events. Our previous partnership with Skyesports was marked by groundbreaking achievements and record-breaking content. The Skyesports Champions Series 2023 represents another milestone in our journey, as we continue to push the boundaries of Indian esports. 

We have laid consistent focus on broadening the scope of esports in India and delivering our dedicated community with exceptional content. We are confident that users and fans on Loco will enjoy a captivating and engaging viewing experience and witness the intense battles unfold in real time between top-tier teams on the platform.

Commenting on the partnership, Shiva Nandy, Founder, and CEO, of Skyesports, said, “Our past collaboration was marked by remarkable achievements and unforgettable moments. 

We are delighted to join forces once again, and we guarantee an extraordinary tournament that will captivate players and fans alike. Loco's dedication to the gaming community aligns perfectly with our vision for the tournament. We look forward to delivering an unforgettable experience for all.”