India's esports sector has seen a lot of activity recently 

India's esports landscape has been a hive of activity, witnessing a surge in tournaments attracting hundreds of players nationwide. The fervour surrounding these events underscores the burgeoning interest and fervent participation in competitive gaming.

Beyond the competitive arena, the gaming industry at large is experiencing an unprecedented surge. Notably, Krafton's investment plans in gaming startups and developers signal a promising trajectory for the sector. 

The ripple effect is far-reaching, promising not just an upswing in the AVGC (Animation, Visual Effects, Gaming, and Comics) sector but also an expansive job market teeming with diverse opportunities.

As the countdown commences for BMPS 2023, gaming enthusiasts brace themselves for an adrenaline-fueled spectacle, poised to witness history in the making once more. 

The battleground awaits, beckoning champions to etch their names in gaming lore.