WeaponBase DamageAmmo
Bolt Action  
AWM105 HP.300 Magnum
Kar98k75 HP7.62 mm
M2479 HP7.62 mm
Win9466 HP7.62 mm
SKS53 HP7.62 mm
VSS41 HP9 mm
Mini 1446 HP5.56 mm
MK1461 HP7.62 mm
SLR58 HP7.62 mm
QBU48 HP5.56 mm

Mastering Skills: Practice and Patience

To boost your effectiveness as a sniper, it is essential to devote time to practice and exercise patience. Engage in training modes or sniper training sessions to refine your skills, enhance your accuracy, and gain a deeper comprehension of bullet physics within the game. 

Focus not only on mastering fundamental techniques but also on honing advanced skills such as movement, aiming, utilizing cover, and executing precise peeking and firing maneuvers. Through consistent practice, your sniping abilities will gradually improve, facilitating the elimination of opponents with greater ease in BGMI.