HLTV, FaZe Clan's Robin "ropz" Kool shared his thoughts on the team's outstanding performance and the records they've achieved. Regarding the remarkable 13-0 sweep against ENCE and the record-setting 53-round exchange against Ninjas in Pyjamas, ropz expressed that sometimes things just work out for the viewers and the crowd when FaZe Clan plays.

"We play those long matches, we can pull a 13-0 out of the bag randomly, we just make the game entertaining," said ropz, highlighting that fans now consider them the best team to watch.

On the topic of their 13-match win streak, ropz expressed the team's satisfaction, stating, "It feels great to start CS2 in such a dominant manner after the rough patch we have been through."

Ropz talked about the challenges that his team faces

Ropz also revealed a moment where he tried to anti-jinx the win streak during the Thunderpick World Championship 2023 against Virtus.pro. By pointing out their 10-match streak, he somehow managed to maintain the team's momentum.

Despite their success, ropz acknowledged the challenges the team faces, noting the lack of time for strategizing due to extensive traveling. He emphasized the team's reliance on feeling, confidence, and improvisation to grind out rounds, expressing confidence in their ability to win any round as long as they maintain the initiative.

As FaZe Clan gears up to face ENCE in the semifinals of CS2 Asia Championships 2023 on November 12, fans eagerly anticipate whether the team can continue their undefeated streak and emerge victorious once again.