In addition to the extended registration period, ValorLeaks has shared that several other features are expected to undergo changes for the upcoming second phase of Premier in 2023. 

These modifications include enhancements to team creation, region-specific adjustments to match schedules, a revamped playoff format, and the introduction of live scores for playoff matches. However, further details regarding these changes are still eagerly awaited and anticipated.

It's worth noting that the improvements mentioned above may not be the only updates for the second phase of Premier in 2023. To learn more about any additional features or updates, it is advised to keep an eye out for the official announcement, which should be imminent as the registration period begins on July 11. The map pool for the upcoming phase has yet to be disclosed as well.

Based on the information from ValorLeaks, it appears that VALORANT intends to keep Premier in beta for its second phase, possibly due to the extensive feedback received from players during the previous phase. 

By doing so, Riot Games aims to gather more feedback and refine Premier further, ultimately delivering a final version that meets the community's expectations.