Players remain steadfast in their belief that the release of CS2 is imminent

Though past predictions have proven inaccurate, players remain steadfast in their belief that the release of CS2 is imminent. Fueling their conviction is Valve's recent move to make a multitude of maps available at once in the beta on August 17. 

With CS:GO's 11th birthday coinciding, fans speculate that Valve might be reserving this milestone moment to unveil the highly anticipated sequel.

Redditors have chimed in, echoing the sentiment. "Today would be a good opportunity for Valve to do something funny," wrote one user, followed by another suggesting humorously, "Something funny like releasing CS2."

While the excitement is palpable, some players maintain a cautious outlook. Expressing a note of scepticism, one player remarked that, despite their eagerness to experience CS2, they find it improbable for Valve to release the game without first introducing the Inferno overhaul in the beta. 

The leaked changes to the Inferno map have garnered attention, hinting at substantial alterations that may require fine-tuning based on player feedback before launch.

Even if CS2's release is not immediately on the horizon, players can anticipate noteworthy updates within the beta that might revolutionize gameplay dynamics. 

For instance, Valve is currently testing a deviation from CS:GO's traditional format of 15 rounds per half, experimenting with a potential shift to 12 rounds per half.

As the CS:GO community comes together to celebrate the game's 11-year legacy, hopes for CS2's arrival continue to run high. Whether the much-awaited sequel emerges today or in the days to come, players remain eager to embrace a new era of Counter-Strike, replete with exciting possibilities and fresh gameplay experiences.