• 1st Spin: 10 CP
  • 2nd Spin: 30 CP
  • 3rd Spin: 50 CP
  • 4th Spin: 120 CP
  • 5th Spin: 200 CP
  • 6th Spin: 320 CP
  • 7th Spin: 520 CP
  • 8th Spin: 800 CP
  • 9th Spin: 1100 CP
  • 10th Spin: 1800 CP
  • The CoD Mobile Season 9 Draw List isn't just about obtaining exclusive rewards; it's a journey that adds depth and excitement to your gaming experience. 

    As you embark on missions and conquer challenges, each draw brings you one step closer to transforming your loadout, character, and overall gameplay. So, gear up, spin those draws, and claim your treasures in the world of Call of Duty Mobile Season 9.