• Scrapyard
  • TV Station
  • Vacant
  • Atlas Superstore
  • Storehouse
  • Shoot House
  • Storage Town
  • Each map offers its own unique set of challenges and opportunities, promising a diverse multiplayer experience for Warzone Mobile players.

    Varied game modes for diverse gameplay

    Complementing the array of maps, COD Warzone Mobile introduces different game modes to cater to a broad spectrum of gamers. This diversity allows players to engage with the game in unique ways, steering clear of a monotonous gaming experience. The game modes include:

    • Hardcore
    • Team Deathmatch
    • Search & Destroy

    Global release and pre-registration

    Presently, Call of Duty Warzone Mobile is available in select regions, including Australia, Chile, Norway, and Sweden. The global release is slated for the spring of 2024. Chris Plummer, Co-studio head, mentioned, “We have a few more things we want to polish up before we release around the world in spring of 2024.”

    Ahead of the global launch, players can pre-register for the game, ensuring they are among the first to receive notifications when Call of Duty Warzone Mobile hits the gaming scene. 

    The anticipation continues to grow as gamers await the full release of this highly awaited mobile gaming experience.