1. New Argus Shotgun

One of the standout additions in Season 8 is the Argus Shotgun. Players now have the ability to decrease its bolt timing by equipping the right grips, making it a more formidable weapon in close-quarters combat. 

The empty reload animation introduces a unique weapon flip, adding a fresh element to gameplay. 

Additionally, the grill near the shotgun has been removed, offering players a clearer line of sight. It's worth noting that the Argus Shotgun boasts the best iron sight among all shotguns, making it a compelling choice for players who favour these firearms.

2. Control Mode in Ranked

For the first time in COD Mobile, the Control mode has made its way into the ranked mode lineup, although this addition is limited to Season 8. Control mode is designed to emphasize teamwork and strategic thinking as players compete to capture and defend zones. 

This exciting addition injects more depth into competitive gameplay, requiring players to coordinate effectively with their teammates.

3. Coastal Map Adjustments

Season 8 introduces significant changes to the Coastal map, particularly around the A bombsite. The basement area near A has been narrowed down, creating intense engagements and challenging firefights. 

Furthermore, the grill barrier near this location has been removed, altering the map's dynamics and encouraging different strategies. These map adjustments aim to provide players with a more dynamic and challenging experience on the Coastal map, enhancing overall gameplay.

4. New Melee Weapon - Sai

A new melee weapon, the Sai, makes its debut in Season 8. These twin-bladed weapons offer a stylish and deadly option for close-quarters combat enthusiasts. With the Sai in their arsenal, players can take on opponents in hand-to-hand combat and add a flair of finesse to their gameplay.

5. Gun Firing Sound Enhancements

Audio enhancements have been made to several weapons in Season 8. Weapons such as the PDW, HBR, Type 25, Pharo, HVK, Cordite, Razorback, and HG-40 now feature improved firing sounds. 

These changes not only enhance the immersive quality of the game but also provide players with valuable audio cues, improving situational awareness during intense battles.

These exciting updates are designed to keep the Call of Duty: Mobile experience fresh and engaging for players. As Season 8 unfolds, these additions may impact the way matches are played, offering new strategies and challenges for both new and seasoned players. 

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