From December 2021 to January 2022, the first season of the BGIS event captivated participants with its grand prize pool of ₹1,00,00,000. The competition spanned five stages, ultimately crowning Skylightz Gaming as the triumphant team. 

The BGIS 2021 proved to be a resounding success, attracting over 460k peak viewers and amassing an impressive 15 million views, as documented by esports charts.

The upcoming tournament was first teased during the BGMI Rising event

In the recent BGMI Rising event, the commentators dropped an intriguing hint regarding the highly anticipated India series tournament. Building up the excitement, Krafton released a 26-second YouTube video titled "RiseUp" on July 14, offering the first official glimpse of the upcoming event. 

Although Krafton has yet to disclose the tournament's schedule and prize pool, fans can anticipate that this information will be revealed in the near future.

BGIS 2023 presents a platform for individuals to demonstrate their skills and talents, generating excitement not only among players but also among dedicated fans who eagerly awaited the game's return. The anticipation and enthusiasm among fans are palpable as they eagerly look forward to witnessing the return of their beloved teams in action.

In the realm of esports, there has been a flurry of roster changes and signings, with organizations and players diligently seeking the best opportunities for their future triumphs. Numerous teams have already commenced their preparations for India Series Season 2, gearing up for the upcoming challenges.

BGMI's return has rejuvenated the Indian esports scene. A lot of third-party tournaments have already happened and the big organizers are keeping a close eye on the scene with plans of organizing bigger competitions.