He continued, "I can't say that it is not in my mind. Yesterday when I came to the ground, the last memory of this ground is that - falling down and injuring myself. Hopefully, I can put that aside and I can make some better and happier memories to forget all of that."

Dealing with negative thoughts has been a significant part of Rahul's journey, as he acknowledged. In recent times, he has put substantial effort into mental conditioning, recognizing the impact of external factors on his performance.

"I have put a lot of effort into this. I tried to address it. Outside noise for a long time, I thought it won't affect me, but in the last year or so, it started affecting me. And then I realized that I will have to work on it. When I got time, outside of the game, I tried to work on that side - mentally, you got to get a lot more stronger, a lot more thick-skinned. So yeah, so that really helped me being away from the game," Rahul shared.

All Indian players are prioritising on mental strength 

The importance of mental strength has been a common theme among the Indian cricket team. 

Skipper Rohit Sharma has stayed away from social media as part of his own process, and Rahul echoed this sentiment, saying, "that and then there are specialists, batting specialists, bowling specialists, there are specialist mental coaches that you can really use and work on if you feel that it will help. So, I tried a bit of everything."

Rahul also highlighted the positive environment within the Indian cricket team, which has played a significant role in their ongoing World Cup campaign. 

He emphasized that the team has been enjoying the sport, with a focus on maintaining a happy and calm state of mind. This attitude has translated into success on the field.

When asked about India's exceptional performance in the World Cup, Rahul credited the team's aggressiveness and meticulous preparations. "I think it's just how we've been really aggressive. And also, our preparations have been really, really good, and very particular, very spot on," he noted.

Rahul's performance behind the stumps is worth noticing 

On a personal level, while Rahul's contributions with the bat have not been as frequent following his standout performance against Australia, his skills behind the stumps have caught the eye. 

He emphasized the importance of wicket-keeping, especially in Indian conditions, and the effort he has put into improving his technique and glove work.

As India looks forward to showcasing their prowess while batting first, Rahul expressed his eagerness for the upcoming challenges. The team has excelled in chasing targets so far, but Rahul emphasized the importance of mastering the art of setting a target and pacing the innings when batting first.

KL Rahul's journey reflects a blend of talent, resilience, and mental strength, and his contributions will be vital as India continues its World Cup campaign.